How to Measure Yourself - Leather Jackets

Posted by Peter C. on Feb 2nd 2016

It is advisable that you take measurements of some parts of your body and include them in special instructions when placing the order. All you need is a measuring tape and someone to help you to get accurate measurements.

Chest: To measure your chest place one end of the measuring tape on the broadest part of your chest and encircle your chest right to the other end, be careful do not include your arms in this measurement.

Waist: This is very simple, you just have to encircle your waist with a measuring tape keeping it a bit loose.

Hips: Place the tape on one hip and bring the tape around the other hip to join the other end from where you started, measure from the broadest part of your hips.

Shoulders: To measure your shoulder you will need someone to help you place the tape on one end of your shoulder at the back side of your body to your second shoulder where it ends.

Sleeve Length: This is the measurement taken from the tip of your shoulder through the elbow down to your wrist (your wrist is the joint between your hand and the arm).

If you want to buy a jacket that fits you perfectly, please give us measurements of your chest, shoulders and sleeve length.